September 24, 2014

DATE: Sometimes between 750 (approximately when Hosea began ministering) and 722 BC (when Assyria overran Israel).

IN TEN WORDS OR LESS:  God gives Hosea a strange command: Take unto thee a wife a wife of whoredoms” (1:2). The marriage pictures God’s relationship to Israel-an honorable, loving husband paired with an unfaithful wife. Hosea marries an adulteress named Gomer and starts a family with her. When Gomer returns to her life of sin, Hosea, again picturing God’s faithfulness, buys her back from the slave market. The book contains God’s warnings for disobedience but also His promises of blessing for repentance.

QUOTEABLE: For they {Israel} have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. (8:7)

UNIQUE AND UNUSUAL: Gomer had three children, perhaps Hosea’s but maybe not, each given a prophetic name, Son Jezreel was named for a massacre, daughter” Lo-ruhamah’s name meant “not loved,” and son Lo-ammi name meant “not my people”.

SO WHAT: God is faithful, even when His people aren’t and He is always ready to forgive. “I will heal their backsliding,” God said through Hosea; “I will love them freely” (14:4).